En-Tech allows revolutionary heating of environments thanks to a system of electrically heated modular platforms. Our company proposes a version of a non-elevated heating platform suitable to easily heat paved areas such as houses, places of worship, and domestic, public or industrial places.
The underlying principle is our patented system of modular interlocking that allows maximum flexibility and freedom of choice of the heating surface.

"The objective of the products is not the heating of the environment itself, but of the people who benefit from the environment."

The fundamental characteristic of PLYTERM lies in the energy saving that the irradiation technology incorporated in it allows.
Each module is independent, so the installation of a central infrastructure such as a boiler is not necessary.
In possession of the CE mark, our products conform to the directives: 2011/65/CE (ROHS), 2014/30/EC (EMC), 2014/35/EC (LVD).
The internal electrical heating element is certified by NEMKO and CB.

Well-being Made in Italy

En-Tech's corporate mission is the social well-being and the reduction of the environmental impact, also by recycling materials allowing a social progress in areas such as health and relaxation.

En-Tech lovingly takes care of all design, research and development activities internally, directly managing production. En-Tech products are designed and manufactured in Italy. In addition, each supplier has been carefully selected in order to maintain high-quality standards.

Direct Design and Manufacturing

Feasibility study

Our staff is at the complete service of our customers.


Plyterm satisfies the needs of private, public and industrial plants.


Manufacturing takes place inside its premises with products made in Italy.


Staff attend to customer's requests and problems directly.

PLYTERM is an EN-TECH SRL brand,
Via Strada Provinciale 63, no. 149 F, 42044 Gualtieri (RE) - Italy
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