Snow melting and ice prevention for land and roads

PLY-SKID snow melting and ice prevention is ideal for outdoor paving in concrete, asphalt, stone, gravel and natural or artificial turf (mainly in the sports area). Based on the Amorphous Metal Conveyer technology, it offers significant advantages over any other hydronic or electric cable based solution for snow melting and ice prevention.


It features the following benefits:

  • Wide contact area with the cold floor or icy surfaces
  • It reaches the required temperature level faster than any other system
  • Energy saving
  • Less expensive
  • Generates more heat
  • Extremely simple and easy to install
  • Perfectly safe for electrical risks and electromagnetic radiation
  • Reliable and durable


PLYTERM currently provides two product families:

  • Radiating tapes or mats for outdoor under ground/technical ground with power from 250 to 500 Watts/m²
  • Outdoor tapes for ice prevention of roofs, gutters and pipes

Both families are based on the unique design of a heating cable made with the Amorphous Metal Tape inside a mechanically sturdy and flexible structure. The element is designed in compliance with the IEEE 515.1 standard for under ground and external applications.

Heating element performance

The heating element is of a preset wattage, using different widths and lengths of Amorphous Metal Tape, it is possible to obtain the required thermal power per linear meter. Typically, the maximum power limit for each heating element is 62 watts/ml. This limit corresponds to more than 5 Amperes for a single circuit. The heating element can be powered by different voltage levels, AC or DC: 110-120, 208, 220-240, 400 and 600 Volts, as vast as the limit is reached. Low voltage (up to 50 volts) is possible. The highest temperature limit of the element is 700˚ C.

Geometrical dimensions

The heating mats are designed to nominally cover 20% of the area to be heated, but the coverage/density area can be from 15% to 30%.

Electrical measurements

The normal power supply of each mat is 250 - 500 watts/m². As specified on the label of each mat. Higher inputs can be easily obtained by reducing the space between the elements placed in parallel.

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