“The comfort helps working better”

The heating modular panels HOT OUT IRON , which are made in IP protection grade 65 so waterproof can be laid inside as well as outside buildings.

HOT OUT IRON is the panel for the industrial use. Infact is provided with a zinc coated strenghtening iron shell, embossed metal sheet non-slip surface, allowing the cross of a pallet truck.

It could reach a temperature of 35°/40° on its surface.

Suitable for:

  • Industrial warehouses.
  • Supermarket, butchery, fishing market.
  • In gener all the places where you have could working condition and the crossing of heavy weights.



Size 1260x550 mm

Thickness 40 mm

Area 0,70 mq


Surface: Embossed Metal Sheet Non-Slip Surface

Voltage: Volt 220 – 240

Grade IP: 65 W

Compressive strenght: 10 kg/cm^2

Power: 180 W - 240 W (higher powers available)

Heating Output: 260 - 350 W/mq (higher powers available)

Consumption: 180 W/h - 240 W/h (Ask for specifications based on the power required)

Max intensity for each panel: 0,80 A - 1,05 A (Ask for specifications based on the power required)




Plyterm products are compatible with 110-120 V and 220-240 V line voltage.
The data sheets here concern 220 V.

In case your country use a different voltage please send us a request for the related data sheet.

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