Electric, Innovative, Modular and Fast

The Plyterm electric heating system to heat where and when needed in an intelligent, efficient and ecological way.

Intelligent heating systems for the home and everyday spaces.

The heating system is a fundamental element for every type of private house and apartment.
En-Tech srl offers various solutions for electric floor heating.
For indoor and outdoor environments.
Even for our animal friends.

Intelligent heating systems for the public and industrial sectors.

Hot Pad. Ideal for Churches and Places of Worship.

Create heat ISLANDS wherever you want and for any situation. Even the hardest! For Industry, Offices, Shops, Places of worship, Public Areas, etc.

Snow melting and ice prevention for land and roads

PLY-SKID, the heating polymer strip suitable for multiple uses in the field of prevention of ice formation and snow melting.
Ideal for outdoor floors in concrete, asphalt, stone, gravel and natural or artificial turf.

Infrared panels and wall and ceiling electric radiators for the home and living
Live and furnish with top design

To create a new system or integrate the existing heating system and obtain a level of comfort tailored to your home.

PLYTERM is the modular electric heating system to heat where and when needed in an
intelligent, efficient and ecological way.

Plyterm, literally layers of heat, is the revolutionary system of electrically heated modular pads which not only heats the room but also creates thermal comfort for those who use it.


Reasons for choosing PLYTERM


You will be enveloped in soft warmth and a pleasant sensation of well-being guaranteed by uniform heat distribution. A comfort free from dust and bacteria spread by old convection systems. The heating surfaces will always be kept at a low temperature, thanks to the innovative radiant technology and perfect control of the environmental conditions is guaranteed.


You save immediately, compared to methane and diesel, in construction costs. Without boilers, burners or pumps, the PLYTERM electrical system is immediately operational, with no maintenance or fume control costs. With the low thermal inertia PLYTERM electric heating system, it is possible to achieve exceptional results in terms of efficiency, with extraordinary savings.

In modern buildings, built according to regulatory requirements, energy consumption has drastically reduced compared to the past.

But how can the operating cost be low if electricity is expensive? The answer lies in the possibility of managing the system very flexibly, and therefore the temperature in the rooms. The very low thermal inertia of PLYTERM electrical systems (both for the finished modules - HotPad; and placed directly under the surface covering and not drowned in the screed - Basic) allows rooms to reach the desired temperature in drastically reduced times and to keep them warm only when needed. In practice, the hours of operation of the system are reduced and therefore the energy consumed!


The internal heating core is designed and manufactured according to the highest safety standards. Made according to class 2 specifications; they are manufactured with double insulation and have subsequently passed the IEC safety tests: IEC 60335-1 (Household and similar electrical appliances - safety, general requirements) and IEC 60335-2-96 (particular requirements for flexible sheet heating elements for room heating).

The heating core is also certified and catalogued by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) based on UL 1693 (Electric Radiant Heating) standard, file E349312.

All our modules have the CE mark and, depending on the model, there is an IP degree such as to make the final system protected and safe even in the presence of water.

Free from electromagnetic fields

PLYTERM products are tested and proven to obtain negligible electromagnetic radiation to comply with the requirements of applicable standards.

The product installed according to the installation instructions in the manual is of high quality and perfectly safe.

Eco-friendly, runs on renewable energy

The system does not emit fumes, does not pollute, does not move dust. If combined with a photovoltaic system you can achieve energy independence.

Anti-seismic and completely free from noise and emissions of any kind.

Simple and quick to install

All PLYTERM products feature a simple and fast installation, compatible with all environments and all materials.

No water is used, no pipes, no boiler, no radiators, no heat pumps:

It is the ideal solution in cases where you don't want to replace the existing floor:

It is the fastest solution for complete renovations of rooms to be heated without having to connect them to an existing heating system of any kind.


PLYTERM electric heating is increasingly suitable in new buildings or renovations.

On the floor, on the ceiling and on the wall: you will always find the right solution for yourself. It can be partially activated: just in some rooms, or in distinct parts of the same environment.


Thanks to the modularity of the PLYTERM system, it can be adapted to different needs and ensure that the savings on installation costs, in terms of electricity used, exceed all expectations!


By choosing Plyterm
you have the certainty of a patented system

  • Modular
  • Ecological
  • Elegant
  • Efficient
  • Well-being
  • Smart
  • Innovative
  • Custom

Need to renovate?
Avoid building works,
through holes or breakages.
And the insulation is already built into the module!

You can create an floor heating system for a single room, multiple rooms or the entire house.

Create a column of heat

For the most difficult situations and the cold never gives up!
Combine the Hot Out Irons with radiant heat strips
aluminum Ply-Strip.

PLYTERM: the Italian product with the precision of industry and the heart of the craftsman

Feasibility study

Our staff is at the complete service of our customers.


Plyterm satisfies the needs of private, civil, public and industrial systems.


En-tech produces within its own factories in order to be able to constantly check the quality.


The staff is on hand to assist with the customer's requests and problems.

PLYTERM is an EN-TECH SRL brand,
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